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January 24, 2005

Plans made !

Well, we've booked our trip (or at least reserved the tickets). The itinery is linked from the sidebar on the right. I thought I'd give a quick rundown on how we decided where we wanted to go ...

The first thing was deciding on how long we wanted to go for - this came down to us wanting to be back for christmas 05 so we were limited to a maximum trip of about 10/11 months. Other factors are obviously cash and optionally how much time you can get off work (we just decided to quit - yey !).

Once you've figured out how long you want to travel for the next part is the most difficult one - the destinations !

One of the things we've tried to do a lot of on our holidays recently is snowboarding, we've both got reasonably proficient so we decided to make a large part of our trip involve it. I've been to Canada a couple of times and I've loved Vancouver and B.C in general so we wanted to take a little tour if possible. It also happens to be a great destination for Snowboarding which is handy :)

Deb has always wanted to go and see Japan/China (being the sushi master and all) and I wanted to see Hong Kong so that was another set of destinations added.

We both wanted to go to New Zealand and spend a good amount of time there (again another great location for Snowboarding !) - another key destination.

To fill in the gaps between these countries we spent an afternoon looking through various travel books - The Travel Book and One Planet (thanks Deb's Parents and Steve). We marked all the places we wanted to go and see and fit them in between our key destinations.

We then whittled them down - there were a few we would have liked to have seen like Chile/Easter Island and Nepal. Nepal was a possibility but the US Government travel warnings didn't look too friendly so we decided against it.

We wanted to see some sun between the snowboarding so we tried to pick destinations with a bit of Sun (Mexico, Bangkok, Japan, Fiji) at the times between the snowboarding countries.

Then there were some places that were 'jump points' to get where we wanted to go - San Fransisco and Austrailia being the main ones so we decided to hang around rather than fly straight through.

The last thing - booking the tickets. We went to STA travel and talked to a nice man called Bob who took us all through it.

The only problem with all this - people can't vote where we go next - it was something we really wanted to do but the cost was prohibitive - although I still think there are some Poll based things we can do as we've got a month in Mexico where we're not sure what we want to do and over three months in New Zealand.

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